Premium Ek Mukhi Rudraksh (with metal cap) Kaju shaped daana

2,100 (Including GST )

  • Ek mukhi rudraksh with metal cap
  • Lab certified.
  • Kaju shaped.
  • You can check with our jyotish for best rudraksha suitable for you.

This is premium 1 mukhi Rudraksha product (Indonesian Bead). Please note that Nepaali 1 mukhi is very very rare and generally not available (as per our knowledge : knowledge of Himalayan Brahmins and astrologers passed through generations).

Rudraksha consisting of one vertical line is called ‘ek mukhi rudraksha’. This ek mukhi Rudraksha is said to be ruled by Lord Shiva himself and is beneficial for attaining super consciousness. It is rarest amongst all rudraksha and known as the king of all Rudraksha beads. The particular bead in ek mukhi rudraksha is thus the ‘Sakshat Shiv Swaroop’ which blesses the wearer abundantly.

It has a very strong healing power. Medicinally (as claimed by various sources), it helps in curing migraines, depressions, obsession thinking, nervous disorders and many other mental stress. Thus, the one who wears ek mukhi rudraksha gets both material benefits and spiritual attainments. 1 mukhi rudraksha is the most powerful bead for attaining Moksha. It symbolizes the link between Earth and Heaven.

Dev Rishi Sansthanam strives to provide best rudraksha and puja items. Our main aim is to help devotees get authentic puja items as per Shastra Vidhi.

Consult our jyotish to know which Rudraksha will be most beneficial for you


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