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12 mukhi rudraksha (nepali daana) online
12 mukhi rudraksha (nepali daana) online

Energized by Vedic Acharyas of Haridwar

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Original Rudraksha | Tulsi Mala | Puja | Astrology
By Acharyas and renowned astrologers of Haridwar

Started by a group of renowned Acharyas and  expert Astrologers of Haridwar, Dev Rishi Sansthanam aim is to help people with Shastra Sammat Pujan, astrology, original Rudraksha, Tulsi Mala, Puja Yantras, puja idols and other pujan items.

Puja when done with right intention, right method (viddhi) and right ingredients (Rudraksha, mala, yantras) gives the best results.

To help people get all the above at single place, Dev Rishi Sansthanam has been started.

Rudraksha and
Puja Items

Online Rudraksh Mala, Tulsi Mala, Sfathik Mala, Ek mukhi Rudraksh, idols of Shree Ganesh, Lord Shiva and more

Online Ganga
Pujan at

Offer Ganga Pujan at Haridwar. From simple milk offering to deep daan and more

and Questions

Consult with renowned and highly experienced astrologers and jyotish Acharyas


Get puja yantras online. Shri Lakshmi Yantra, Navgrah Yantra, DhanKuber Yantra and more.


Rudra Abhisek, Navgrah Shanti, Bhagwad Katha,  Mahamrityunjaya jap, Brahman Bhojan and more

puja at

Book online puja at Maa Mansa Devi, Maa Chandi Devi, Daksheswar Mahadev and more

Dev Rishi Sansthanam

A Perfect online portal for authentic Rudraksha And puja items

Pujan Items

Get the best authentic rudraksha, vaijyanti mala, tulsi mala, yantras and more online for your puja.

All products energized by Pandits and Astrologers

Pujan and Abhisek

Offer puja to Mother Ganga at Haridwar, book Rudra Abhisek, Dudh Abhisek and puja at temples.

From 1 to 11 pandits. Pooja at Haridwar


Know your kundali dosha, puja for remedies, vaastu puja details, detailed kundali and more.
Renowned expert jyotish team from Haridwar

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